Emerging Trends in Telecommunication Industry 2021

The Telecom industry continues to be the medium for global growth and innovation due to the spread of technology and new facilities in the worldwide market. In the coming decade, the telecom industry is prepared for a massive scale upgrade. A report shows 7.7 billion active mobile broadband connections in 2020, which is more than twice the times it was back in 2015. Due to online data consumption growth, the global IP traffic is around 400 exabytes every month.

Today the telecom companies are doing much more than offering a network and attending to customers. There are new technologies available in the market, and the telecom companies want to have them. Last year the telecom industry adapted the 5G network, which is the most popular latest trend in the industry. New technology will drive customer engagement in the industry in the coming decade. Several minor and some major trends have emerged in the telecom industry. Here are the ones that will transform telecom in this decade.

Emerging Trends in Telecommunication Industry 2021

AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are benefitting every industry today. A report by Forbes explains why telecommunications is among the fastest-growing industries that use AI and ML to enhance customer experience, create predictive maintenance, and improve network reliability. AI can help telecom companies utilize the data generated through their customers to implement the best practices to provide a quality digital communication experience.


After high-speed 4G connectivity, the telecom industry has taken a step forward into 5G. Surprisingly, 5G will have a lower connectivity cost and will offer a faster speed to transfer and download data. It will provide low latency and enhanced user experience as compared to 4G. The 5th generation will surely create a major change in how people use the internet. The telecom industry is advancing towards virtualization, and 5G will support the process.


DevOps is becoming an important model in the telecom industry due to the rise of virtual platforms. With the help of Virtual Network Functions, telecom companies can offer new services and features. It can provide better control over the network, reduce CAPEX, eliminate manual config, reduce the time to market new applications and solutions.

Emerging Trends in Telecommunication Industry 2021

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation will allow users to automate most of their business tasks while also recording the data for later analysis. IA will create automation software robots that will complete the tasks that can be automated. It will cut down the operational costs dramatically and also provide a better customer experience. Several companies have already implemented intelligent automation for providing quick customer support.

Network virtualization

The Telecom industry will build software-centric network services with the help of network virtualization. Most of the hardware that we use today will be replaced by software run by virtual machines. People will be able to use tools, play games, and manage their software using a network like 5G. They will never require any more hardware upgrades in the future when a virtual machine will do all of it.

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