8 Biggest Telecommunication Companies

The Telecom industry is among the most technology-focused industries in the world. They have a role in every other industry with the basic function of offering a network that every company or individual uses to communicate or transfer data. The biggest companies in telecom offer all sorts of communication services from wired to wireless, internet, and video communication services. Here are the top telecom companies you should know about.

AT&T Inc.

AT&T offers global communication and digital entertainment services. It is present in the entertainment industry to offer gaming production, television, feature film, and distribution. It provides broadband, internet, and wireless communication services worldwide. This American company also operates several regional sports networks on TV.

8 Biggest Telecommunication Companies

Verizon Communications Inc.

Verizon Communications offers communications, information, and several entertainment services. It is known for wireless voice and data services at affordable prices. Apart from this, it also offers video communications, cloud services, security, local and distant voice services, and managed network services for businesses.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone offers all sorts of telecommunication services in Japan and around the world. Its intra-prefectural communication services include IP, fixed voice-related services, packet communication services, and system integration and network system services. Nippon was originally a real estate company that still operates in finance and several other businesses.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Deutsche Telekom is a German telecom service provider that offers information technology solutions. The company offers fixed-line telephone services, mobile communication services, combined information technology, telecom services, and internet to countries including Germany, the US, and Eastern Europe.

T-Mobile US Inc.

T-Mobile is another US-based company that is known for affordable wireless carrier data plans. It also offers business telecommunications services for consumer care. T-Mobile has prepaid wireless products and services. In 2020, T-Mobile Merged with Sprint Corp., which is expected to help in its increase in the coming decade. Sprint Crop. Sells devices and services using the telecom service of T-Mobile.

Vodafone Group PLC

Vodafone Group is based in the UK and offers a wide range of telecom services around the world. Vodafone offers mobile services such as call, text, data access, and more to its users. The company will introduce IoT services along with public and private cloud services. The new cloud-based applications and products will become manageable using the Vodafone network.

Telefonica SA

Telefonica is based in Spain and is a multinational integrated and diversified telecom group. The company offers a worldwide service for cable, data, internet, wired, and wireless communication. It also manages a television business that runs in Europe. Telefonica is determined to offer digital services like IoT in the coming years.

KDDI Corp.

KDDO is a Japan-based telecom service that offers network, data center, cloud, IoT, and security services alongside cellular services. The company is slowly offering services to multiple countries around the world. It offers affordable plans to users and is focused on customer satisfaction.